Unexpected Heroes: India Tales

Wonderful! Anyone who can hold the attention of 90 kindergarteners for 45 minutes is awesome!

Not your average magic carpet ride! Most people have heard of Aladdin and Sinbad, but our favorite stories are lesser-known gems from the Arabian Night, all showing that that there’s no place like home:  a pauper with enchanted dreams, a farmer who much manage two squabbling animas, and a brother and sister who go to great lengths to find unimaginable treasure.  

With the help of the audience and her own imagination, Nora Achrati’s transforms the stage into her own Bedoin tent, transporting all to a world where tales of wit, adventure, and love come to life.

Grades K-5
Duration: 45 minutes 
Maximum Audience: 250 people 
Fee: $400 single/$600 back-to-back 

Arabian Nights