How to book a performance:

It’s easy! To book a performance of a New Moon Theater production, call or email Julie Kurzava at: 410-719-8603 or

We can provide you with assistance, suggesting the best program to fit your needs. If you are ready to call, please have the following information available:

• Title of program(s) you wish to schedule

• Several available dates

• School contact, address and phone number

• Name/address/phone number to whom the contract
   will be sent

• Grade levels (some programs can be tailored to
   specific age groups)

• Number of students attending.

• Any special needs audience considerations

• Type and size of performance space
   (width, depth and ceiling height, if available)

• Performances generally last 45 minutes
   plus additional time for student questions.


New Moon Theater productions are designed for audiences of up to 250 people. Discounted back to back performances are available for larger audiences. Our touring company is based in Baltimore, Maryland, therefore travel fees will be applied to performances located outside of Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Tom Zielinski performing 
The Old Man and the Bay 
at Chesapeake Arts Center.

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